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A brand in its own right...

Created in 1998 by French jewelers, the So Shocking brand aims to break the co-ordinates of classic jewelry by bringing a touch of modernity and boldness to its collections. The So Shocking creations are unique and innovative, and they will make a statement on your skin by revealing all their authenticity. Jewelry that looks like you and seems to be able to do anything.


Bague So shocking
Bracelket So shocking

Eco-responsible boxes

Essentially in white and pink gold 750 thousandths and embellished with natural GHSI diamonds, our jewels take place in eco-responsible cases in accordance with the values of the brand.
Discover without further delay all of our collections, and let yourself be seduced by their deliberately feminine and in- tense lines.

Ecrin so shocking
Bague So shocking
Bracelket So shocking


Provocative, because it is a promise contained in the name, softened by the presence of So.

The link
Importance of the link, the loop inspiring the first designs.

The transparency
A suggestion never vulgar, but asserted ( fishnet, lace...)
which becomes a visual code

The attitude
A free woman and liberated attitudes (poses).
Chic and unconventional.

Luxury as a decor
Places where elegance predominates in the decoration.
Never "trash".

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