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Combining elegance and contemporary allure, So Shocking creations are jewelry as precious as they are timeless. Made of white and pink gold 750 thousandths, you are bound to find the jewel of your dreams among the beautiful selection of our jeweler's house. We offer you the best of modern jewelry: trendy creations of high quality with perfect finishes corresponding to your personality or to the style of the person to whom you will offer a very beautiful, timeless and timeless gift. But that's not all. Concerned about people and the environment, So Shocking works every day to improve its social and environmental impact, making choices on each of our decisions in line with our values.

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Trying to reduce our impact on the environment while offering you durable and timeless jewelry is our ambition.
That is why we have worked to make our packaging as responsible as possible, with natural and recycled materials (recycled textured paper)
Each of our cases has been made with the utmost care so that they can contain and protect our elegant and timeless designs.

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The fruit of the know-how and passion of the greatest jewelers, So Shocking transcribes ardor and timelessness through the most modern and resplendent creations for passionate women. We imagine each of our jewels to last. That's why we make sure that our jewels are of high quality and destined to be passed on from generation to generation......

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